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Get paid from around the world, pay anyone in the following regions:
Pay people in over 30 African countries including Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda and more.
Pay people in over 32 European countries including the UK, Germany, Sweden, France and more.
Pay people in over 9 Asian countries including India, Phillipines, Bangladesh, South Korea and more.
South America
Pay people in Mexico,Brazil, Peru and more. Coming soon.
North America
Pay people in the US, Canada, and more. Coming soon.
Business looking to pay people across Africa or elsewhere?

Pay or get paid like a local, with near instant speed

Get paid by anyone in the world with a simple link that settles to your Plumter in minutes.
Pay people in other countries in their local currencies at the speed of a button. If they don’t have Plumter we’ll settle to their local bank or mobile money.
Pay or get paid in dollars or naira by other Plumter users at zero cost and instantly with just your username
Send money to Nigerian Dom accounts either from your your Plumter naira or dollar wallet

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Unlike the others, whether you’re adding it to Paypal, shopping on Zara, paying for something on eBay, or getting your favorite sneakers on Amazon, Plumter card works without a fuss.

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