🤔 What is the problem?

Today, even with the internet, paying people and getting paid from around the world is still a mess for Africans. It is usually ridiculously slow, inefficient, and very expensive. Traditonal banks aren't keeping up with the changes and demands of the next generation of Africans.

🧐 What are we doing?

We're making it easy for Africans to participate in the global economy without hassles. Our mission is to remove every obstacle preventing Africans from doing more with their money by making foreign payments feel local regardless of where or how.

🤯 How are we doing it?

We're providing wallets and virtual cards plugged into global payment systems. Africans will be able to pay and get paid with instant speed from around the world, and at the cheapest obtainable rates.

😎 Who are we?

We're team of engineers and finance experts working remotely between Lagos, New York, Berlin, and Ontario to build your favorite product. We value speed, security, diversity, cats, bicycles, but most importantly, beauty.

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